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會長的話 – 北美洲成大校友聯合會 會長陳治宏

會長的話北美洲成大校友聯合會 會長陳治宏

作者是 基金會秘書   

週六, 22 九月 2007 21:37

Dear Alumni,
You are cordially invited to participate in the 8th bi-yearly NCKU-NAAA Convention/Reunion! The 8th Reunion/Convention is designed to aim at the fulfillment of:
THEME:  To Empower the Forever, Unity Spirit of CKU (also in America to Thank CKU - our Alma Mater)  
1.    To present on the Individual Experiences of American Alumni [
美洲校友的動態 , 貢獻及影響力]
2.    To integrate Alumni & non-Alumni power by EAU-program for members & CKU toward World class.
3.    To promote fellowships and alliances among the members by improving Organizational Infrastructure.
This Convention by S. California is for her first time to have two components:
An on-line Convention: starting 2007.10.10 to 2007.10.31 as well as
An in-hotel Convention: starting 2008.1.18-20, as a part of World Carnival hosted also by Dr. Albert Hsieh of S. California; NCKU-NAAA also joins in the celebration of 40th anniversary of CKUAA-SC.

The on-line Convention is designed to take the advantage of the modern information communication systems. This advantage shall not only provide all the speech drafts be collected from October 1 through October 31, 2007, in order to save presentation time during the in-hotel Convention; but also to provide opportunities for  all alumni to participate on all their interested topics: Please email your articles to: . Our staff will edit them and publish at This web site is scheduled to complete before November 25, 2007, and will open for revision during 2007.12.25-30. President Po-Chuan Lin of N. Texas ( ) is very appreciated for setting up these accounts and various assistances.

To attend the in-hotel Convention, please, follow the 2008 World Carnival program and instructions as shown on: The in-hotel Convention is at:  
The Pacific Palms Conference Resort 
(Details: )
One Industry Hills Parkway, City of Industry, CA  91744    U.S.A.
Tel:  626. 810-4455    Fax:  626. 964-9535   
Toll Free: 800. 524-4557
The program agenda is designed to be: afternoon & evening of 2008.1.18 – Registration is supported by CKUAA-SC team; NCKU-NAAA shall exhibit/distribute G1-data and collections of on-line results

Morning Opening ceremony & Lunch Banquet of 2008.1.19:  Keynote & invited speeches; Introduce Reunion Groups...
Morning of 2008.1.20:  Keynote by the new NCKU-NAAA President, NCKU-NAAA Directors meeting with farewell brunch for all (Brunch fee shall be shared on site with subsidization). 1/19 Lunch Banquet ticket is US$40, could order from CKUAA-SC, Treasurer:

/ Secretary:

. If you have any questions, please contact
陳治宏 (1967)

Tel/Fax:  (310) 265-2958  Cell: (310) 938-1995  PO Box 2182, Palos Verdes, CA 90274; 錢寧娜 (1960)

;   (1979)

; 李辰建 (1975)

Editor team:
Efforts by the host President Cheng Donn
唐慶, and all convention supporters of CKUAA-SC are very much appreciated.

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