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Announcement of 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Announcement of 2010 Scholarship Recipient

作者是 基金會秘書

週日, 20 六月 2010 22:32

The NCKUAANA Wu Scholarship Committee has completed its evaluation of  the 2010 scholarship applicants.  The Committee has selected a recipient below, whose achievements in both academic studies and extra curricular activities are exceptional.


Curtis L. Wu (吳濤) will enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a freshman in Chemistry this fall.   He is the son of Hua-Hsing Wu (吳華興, 1977 Civil Engineering), member of NCKUAA of Southern California.


An award plaque with the $1,000 scholarship will be presented to Curtis at the annual NCKUAANA local meeting to which his parent belongs.

Congratulations to Curtis and his parent, and best wishes for his continuing success at MIT and beyond.


Joseph Wu


Joseph W. Wu Scholarship Committee


Founder and Organizer

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